How Little Pumpkin Learned How to be Scary

Once upon a time in a land far away from here, where the sky is purple and the grass is blue, where trees are made out of chocolate and the rivers´ water tastes like soda pop, there lived a pumpkin family unlike any other pumpkin family you may know or have ever heard of. The Pumpkins were the greatest pumpkin family that has ever existed. They lived in this land of dreams for generations. But this family was different from all the other families before, because of Little Pumpkin. Little Pumpkin moved out to learn how to be scary.
It was a fine morning in the land of dreams, when Little Pumpkin awoke in his bed and thought to himself “Today is the day.” You may wonder why it is that he thought that. Let me tell you. Little Pumpkin goes to school with all the other fairy beings, the pixies and elves, the unicorns and dragons, the witches, wizards and other magical creatures, with scarecrows, angels and little goblins. One day in school he learned that in the world of humans, of which he had heard dreadful stories, there was one special holiday. Originated from an ancient Celtic tradition, the humans bid their goodbye to summer and welcomed fall. They would greet it with little lamps made out of pumpkins, they would dress up in terrifying costumes and scare away the summer and they would eat lovely food. On this holiday called The Hallow Evening, the little humans would go from door to door and collect sweets, all dressed up. To dress up has become a tradition just as it has become a tradition to carve a scary face into a pumpkin, light a candle and use the scary pumpkin to frighten the summer. The humans would put their pumpkins out on their porches so that summer would not dare to come close.
So far away in Little Pumpkin´s land, the teacher suggested that at the 31st of October they should celebrate Halloween, too. After school, Little Pumpkin went home and looked at his face in the mirror. “I do not look scary” he said to himself. “No, indeed, I am no scary pumpkin at all.” But then he glanced over to his calendar and noticed that it was already the end of September. Suddenly, his face became very serious. “On the first of October, I will move out and learn how to be scary. I want to be the scariest pumpkin ever known to anyone.”
That night, Little Pumpkin lay wide awake. “Where should I go and learn how to be scary?” he wondered. He could visit the goblins, for they live in caves and must know how to be scary. But then he remembered Gabb, his goblin friend, who wasn´t scary at all. So he decided that he must go to the dragons for they can blow fire out of their noses. But then he remembered that the dragons did not hurt anybody with their fire. Instead, their fires brought warmth to the land of dreams. Maybe the witches might help him to be scary? But they only used their magic for good, never for evil. Could they really be scary? Exhausted by his thoughts, Little Pumpkin fell asleep and in his dream he lived through his day again and then, suddenly, an idea popped into his head and abruptly he was wide awake again. “Of course” he said delighted. “I have to go see the humans! They know all about scary pumpkins!” So he sank back into his cozy pillow and smiled. On the first day of October he would go out into the world of humans and learn how to be scary.
So when he awoke on the morning of October, 1st he rolled out of bed and looked into the mirror again. “Today, I´ll move out and learn how to be scary.” He packed his little bindle with a bit of bread that tastes like chips, green leaves from a tree nearby that taste like apple, and a picture of his family. “That´s all I need” he whispered to himself. Then he sneaked out of the house, for all his other family members where fast asleep. He rolled down the garden path and allowed himself to take one last look at his house. “I will come back a better pumpkin” he said for no one to hear but himself. Then he turned and rolled down the long road that lead right trough the land of dreams, from the rainbows and the fairy forest at one end to the land of seas with its mermaids and speaking sunflowers at the other end. He chose to skid through the fairy forest, for he had learned that at the end of the fairy forest there was a great stretch of land and if you conquered that great stretch of land there would be a gate that would lead you straight to the human world.
He was quite scared when he entered the fairy forest, but he did not allow himself to turn and go back home. “No” he thought to himself, “If I want to be a scary pumpkin than I should not be scared myself!” But there where strange sounds and noises in the fairy forest. At first, Little Pumpkin thought he heard someone sing, but then he thought it must have been the wind. Then he heard a clicking noise as if someone had stepped on a fallen branch.  He was quite scared, but he thought to himself that he must slid through this forest or he will never get to the great stretch of land and to the gate to the human world. So he shook off the fearfulness and continued his journey.
After he had slid the forest for two days, suddenly, out of nowhere, there was a fairy right in front of him. Little Pumpkin screeched out of anxiety. She was a dazzling creature with fast slapping wings. She had a stern look on her face.
“Well, what are you doing here?” the Dazzling Fairy demanded to know.
“I want to cross this forest and get to the great stretch of land, because behind this great stretch of land there is the gate to the human world and I need to go there because I want to learn how to be scary” Little Pumpkin said.
The Dazzling Fairy looked straight at him for a while. “Maybe I should accompany you. The world of humans can be quite frightful and there I will find the perfect costume for our Halloween party.”
So they decided to go together. Dazzling Fairy and Little Pumpkin flew and rolled through the fairy forest without any other incident. Once they paused and Little Pumpkin shared his bread with her and they talked and talked and talked. But then they reached the great stretch of land and Dazzling Fairy fell silent.
“What is it?” Little Pumpkin asked.
“Oh, I have never been this far away from home” Dazzling Fairy answered.
But Little Pumpkin assured her that they would return on the night of the 31st October and that all would be well.
So they continued to walk away even farther from home and started to walk across the great stretch of land. This was a dusty, lonely journey. After three days, they left the trees behind them and the grass got thinner with every step until finally there was no more grass, but only gray stones and dry earth. Little Pumpkin and Dazzling Fairy did not talk for they feared that their words might get lost, just as life had gotten lost in this great stretch of land. They journeyed for days until Little Pumpkin noticed something out of the corner of his eye and he turned around. There, a bit away, behind a big stone, was a creature looking at them. Dazzling Fairy noticed it, too. But she was scared, so Little Pumpkin said to the creature: “Come out, you, we won´t hurt you!”
The shy creature came closer and Little Pumpkin noticed that it was a dwarf.
“Do you want to join us?” Little Pumpkin asked. “We are headed for the world of humans. I want to learn how to be scary and Dazzling Fairy wants to find a terrifying costume.”
“I would love to go with you” Shy Dwarf said. “I was told to go and pick up traditional Halloween food, but I am scared and I don´t want to go alone.”
“Now you are no longer alone,” Little Pumpkin said and Shy Dwarf went along with them.
Together they crossed the great stretch of land and after several more days they reached the gate that lead to the world of humans. It was an old gate, made out of wood, with a faded lettering saying “This gate leads to the world of humans”. They stood still for a while and each of them was lost in their own thoughts. Little Pumpkin knew that behind this gate there was the world of humans and they would teach him how to be scary. Dazzling Fairy knew that behind this gate there was the world of humans and that they would tell her how to dress in a frightful manner. Shy Dwarf knew that behind this gate there was the world of humans and that they would teach him what to cook for a delicious meal on Halloween.
So they all took a deep breath and stepped through the wooden gate. All turned black and they fell and fell and fell. Little Pumpkin screamed out of fear, Dazzling Fairy clutched Little Pumpkin´s head and her nails scratched his pumpkin skin. Shy Dwarf looped his arms around Little Pumpkin and turned pale. With a loud bang they fell down onto a street that was hardly lit. They did not move for they feared that the humans might have heard them. But nothing moved except for the curtains in the upstairs bedroom of the house right in front of them.
“We must hide,” Little Pumpkin said. He had noticed a little human being at the window of the upstairs bedroom and he feared that she might hurt them. So they all hid in the bushes in the front garden of the house. With anxiety they crouched down behind the bushes, when they heard the front door of the house open. Little steps came closer and Little Pumpkin held his breath.
“What are you doing there, hiding in the bushes?” the curious girl asked. “Come out of there!”
Little Pumpkin, Dazzling Fairy and Shy Dwarf crawled out from behind the bushes and looked shyly at the curious girl.
“Well, well, what do we have here?” she said.
“I am Little Pumpkin,” Little Pumpkin said. “I am here to learn how to be scary.”
“I am Dazzling Fairy,” Dazzling Fairy said. “I want to find the most frightful costume for Halloween.”
“I am Shy Dwarf,” Shy Dwarf said. “And I want to know all about Halloween food.”
The curious girl looked at them in amusement. Then she laughed. “But why do you think you have to come here and learn all that?”
But they did not know how to answer that question. So the curious girl frowned.
“Well, don´t know you that you are already scary, Little Pumpkin? You are scary by nature. You have had it in you all the time! And you, Dazzling Fairy, you take the things you find in your forest and you sew a dress out of leaves and make yourself a mask out of wood and this will be the scariest costume of all! And you, Shy Dwarf, you know what to cook! On Halloween, you cook everything you want to eat, because it doesn’t matter what you serve as long as you are going to eat it with your family and friends!”
Little Pumpkin smiled, because he realized that the curious girl was right. If he wanted to be scary, he could be and he realized that he could be the scariest pumpkin ever heard of. And Dazzling Fairy already pictured her costume in her head and she knew that nobody would recognize her and that her costume would be the one crowned most frightful. And Shy Dwarf, who had travelled a long way with his companions, decided that he shall cook the most popular dishes from every place of the land of dreams so that his family and all his new friends might enjoy the evening.
And because Curious Girl was of such great help to them they invited her to come along; and together they celebrated the best Halloween ever heard of in the land of dreams and Little Pumpkin was indeed the scariest pumpkin of all.


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