Happy Birthday storiesbyfrances!!

Exactly one year ago, an idea was finally realized. How often had I thought about starting a blog, but I never really took the time to do so. But one year ago, I finally sat down in front of my computer and registered on wordpress.com.

It has been a fabulous year!

This is actually my 120th post.

63 amazing people thought that what I write is worth reading. Thank you for that.

About 3,500 people have checked out my blog.

I am part of Post a Week, the weekly writing and photography challenge. Ever since I signed up for the weekly challenges, I have tried (but not always suceeded) to come up with great ideas. Sometimes, my muse let me down. Sometimes, she didn´t.

What´s left to say is that I´m happy I actually took the time to start this blog on February 1, 2012.

Happy Birthday storiesbyfrances!!!!  zahl_1


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