About Joey


Joey is ten. If you haven´t already guessed that from the name, Joey obviously is a boy. The problem is, whilst Joey is a boy, his friend is a girl. She has no name. Joey didn´t bother to name her. He knows she is there and he knows she exists and because he knows she exists, he thinks she doesn´t need a name. Joey has learned that all things have a name and that he is supposed to call things by their name. Joey believes that once things have a name, they will exist. So he didn´t give the girl a name, because most of the time he wishes she wouldn´t exist and he fears that once she has a name, she will never disappear.

To others, the girl remains invisible. Only Joey sees her. Most of the time, he doesn´t like her very much, because she makes him do things he would never to without her pushing him. She is a fierce creature, strong-minded, clever and fearless. Joey fears darkness and strangers and he has peculiar fears as well. He doesn´t like the sound a cooking pot makes when you put it down on the burner. He doesn´t like water hoses. Joey fears men with beards. The girl laughs at him and dares him to follow bearded men, but Joey never tries to fight his fears and she knows he doesn´t, but still she pushes him.

Joey´s mother, who for a very long time thought Joey was lying to her, believed that the girl was there to help Joey. Sometimes, the girl really does help. When she tells him what do say to his bullies and when she tells him to run from a dangerous person. Sometimes, however, she is not so keen on helping him at all. When she makes him jump off the roof of his house, because she is certain he can fly. When she makes him chase the neighbor´s limping dog, because she thinks that the dog only pretends to be limping, because dogs shouldn´t be limping. 

Joey goes to a bearded man he fears. He has to see him twice a month and Joey doesn´t like it. The girl comes with him. She doesn´t like the bearded man as well, but for totally different reasons. Joey fears his appearance, the way he stares at Joey and wills him to talk about the things Joey fears. Joey doesn´t like to be willed to talk about his fears, because he knows that the bearded man tells his mother what Joey tells him. The girl doesn´t like the bearded man, because she thinks he´s a scammer and that he has never heard of medical confidentiality because if he had he wouldn´t go and talk to Joey´s mother about Joey´s fears. Joey likes that the girl says these things out loud, because Joey fears to do so.

When Joey has to talk to the bearded man, the girl always walks around in the room. Last time, she stood in front of the bookshelf for a very long time and Joey got distracted, because he knows that she is going to do something or going to say something. The bearded man asks Joey why he´s so distracted and Joey tells him that the girl is standing in front of his bookshelf. The bearded man turns around in his seat and Joey fringes at the sound the jeans fabric makes on the leather seat. Obviously, the bearded man can´t see the girl. But then she says something and starts to laugh out loud, and the bearded man turns around again in astonishment, because Joey mirrors her laughter. The girl has a very infectious laughter.

The bearded man raises his eyebrows and asks Joey what made him laugh. Joey giggles and the girl giggles and then, in between laughter, Joey says that the girl said that she now definitely knows that the bearded man is a fraud because none of the books have broken spines and therefore none of them have been read and they are just there for decoration. The bearded man doesn´t see the fun of this observation and he gets angry at Joey for continuing to laugh. But Joey can´t help it, because the girl is now standing in front of the bearded man´s certificate he had hung on the wall and she says that there is no Brown University, because all important buildings are made out of bricks and bricks are red and there are no brown bricks and thus it should be Red University, so the certificate is a forgery as well. That makes Joey laugh even harder.

The bearded man gets up and raises his voice and tells Joey to stop laughing, but Joey can´t because there is no way he can fear a bearded man who´s a fraud, and the girl laughs even louder than Joey does and then she cries out that the beard is probably fake as well. And Joey laughs and holds his stomach and he bubbles over with laughter. Joey rolls off the couch and lands on the floor and he is still shaking from laughter. The bearded man kneels down next to him and takes his pulse and mumbles something about hysteric fits and then he calls in a nurse.

When Joey´s mother picks Joey up after the session, she gets called into the office and the bearded man informs her about Joey´s hysteric fit and gives her a prescription for some medication that should help. On their way home in the car, Joey´s mother turns to Joey and asks him about the session with the bearded man. And Joey tells him what the girl found out and Joey´s mother tries to stay serious, but the girl sees that she is twitching. Joey sees it as well. Joey´s mother tells Joey that he doesn´t have to see the bearded man anymore. She stops at a traffic light and rips up the prescription. Joey stares out the window smiling and thinks about a name for the girl.


6 thoughts on “About Joey

  1. Hi Frances, five stars for your beautiful story (Creation) Joey cured himself by himself ( his inner self was the girl ) The beard man could be the psychiatrist or the weakness being shy . To have a dream is to have the ambition to act upon..Thank you so much for liking my About.jalal

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