Please note

Please don´t steal my pictures or stories.

They are my babies. You see how unfair it would be to take them away from me.

I love them dearly and I wouldn´t want them to be sold or whatever.

Don´t pretend you wrote these stories or took these pictures.

If you like the pictures and stories that much, you are more than welcome to come and visit them at any time.

Just don´t steal them.


9 thoughts on “Please note

  1. Wait a minute, you mean that just because you posted it on the internet it isn’t free for me to take? What nerve!

    I feel the same way about my photographs. Which is why I watermark the heck out of them. Though I really like my signature, and use it as my watermark, I would prefer to use a much smaller watermark. Fortunately I’ve gotten a lot of very positive comments on my watermark and only a very, very few who thought it too much(probably from the “it’s on the net it should be free” crowd). I am fine with people using the photos I post to my fan page as cover photos on their facebook pages, free advertising since my watermark also has my website address in it 🙂

    I would like to offer a suggestion regarding your watermark if I may be so bold. After reading your mention of it, a started looking through a lot of your really nice photos. One thing jumped right out at me. I didn’t find a single one where your watermark couldn’t be cropped out without hurting the final image. Maybe I’m just ultra paranoid about image theft, but that’s my 2 pennies.

    1. Hi Jeff,
      First of all: Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate it a lot.
      And you are right about the watermark. I just don´t want to add a watermark that spreads over the whole picture and thus ruins the pleasure of looking at it, you know? And I don´t have a nice signature like you do. But you are, essentially, right about the watermark. I have been trying to find solution to this problem for a while now, but I still don´t really know what to do. Any suggestions?

      1. I agree, I really dislike watermarks that go right across the middle of an image.

        If you don’t have a signature you really like (the only thing I do like about my chicken scratch handwriting), find a font you really like and play around with it a little. It doesn’t have to splash across the middle of the image either. Place it in a lower corner, my preference is lower right, but make it large enough so that if someone were to try to crop it out it would butcher the photo. You can play around with opacity as well. Lastly, if like me you’re interested in selling prints of your images, include your web address in your watermark. I want people to know where to find that wonderful photo they’re currently admiring 😀

        You might also want to think about making it in several colors as well. I have mine in gold, my favorite and all my prints are signed in gold, white, and black. I have export presets in Lightroom for each color, depending on the image. Though I admit to being lazy and using my favorite, the gold, on pretty much everything, even though it can get lost in some photos.

      2. Hmm. You know, I think I will try and play around with the watermark I created. I still want it to be subtle and not that prominent, but I guess I´ll find a watermark that works for me. Thank you for your help. I really appreciate it.

  2. Did someone really do that? That’s lame.. My only comfort if someone were to steal from me is that I know the person stealing can never duplicate what I did. Might be able to emulate but never duplicate.

    1. Unfortunately yes (not you, Mandy, I know you asked and you used pingback). I found one of my pictures on another blog, without pingback or credit or anything. That´s why all my pictures now have watermarks.
      I, too, think it´s pretty lame to steal. I´m glad they liked the picture that much, but it wouldn´t hurt to actually say that they cannot take credit for it, right? I´m quite disappointed.

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