Personal Space

SUE is online.

THOMAS: how was your day

SUE: Pretty much like yesterday. I went to work, I taught students, went home, had dinner, turned on the computer.

THOMAS: to say hi to me

SUE: To say hi to you, that´s right.

THOMAS: I was wondering about something

SUE: About what?

THOMAS: about what you think of me

SUE: think of you?


THOMAS: I mean this has been going on for quite a while now

SUE: I know.

THOMAS: we never really talked about where all this is going

SUE: Do we have to?

THOMAS: wow alright now that hurts

THOMAS: of course

THOMAS: I want to talk about it!

SUE: Oh my, you are serious about it. You even used an exclamation point.

THOMAS: haha very funny

SUE: I´m not kidding, you rarely ever use punctuation.

THOMAS: yah I know

THOMAS: this I really important to me

SUE: How am I to answer this?

THOMAS: just tell me what you think

THOMAS: straight from the heart

SUE: Straight from the heart?

THOMAS: as opposed to straight from your head

SUE: …

THOMAS: because whenever I tried to talk about that subject before you kinda turn your heart off and your head on and I don´t want that now

SUE: That´s how my mind works.

THOMAS: I don´t fucking want you to answer with your mind

SUE: At least you didn´t say “your fucking mind”.

THOMAS: are you making fun of me

SUE: I don´t really see the point in discussing this now.

THOMAS: you are thinking again

SUE: How on earth am I to process this without thinking about it?

THOMAS: what´s the problem

THOMAS: just answer the question already

SUE: Do you want to force it out of me?

THOMAS: I just want an answer

SUE: Well, I can´t answer this.

THOMAS: so you don´t want to be with me

SUE: Is that what we are talking about? Relationship? Love?

THOMAS: its what we should be talking about

SUE: You should know by now that there is a difference between “it´s“ and “its”.

THOMAS: why can´t you leave the teacher-you at work

SUE: Because the teacher-me is me.

THOMAS: where´s the love-you

SUE: She´s right here. You just don´t see her.

THOMAS: so you blame it on me

SUE: I don´t blame you. I´m just not really in the mood for your emotional craziness tonight. I wish you would make do with the fact that I´m here, that I´m talking to you and that I´m not out with anyone else.

THOMAS: what do you mean out with anyone else

SUE: Are you serious? I just answered your question and told you that I´m here and that I want to try and go all the way with you and you get hung up on that stupid thing?

THOMAS: have you been seeing someone else

SUE: Are you fucking kidding me?

THOMAS: no I want to know

SUE: Thomas, really, I just told you what you wanted to know.

THOMAS: I want to know if you met someone

SUE: …

SUE: Right. OK. Now, I see. Did you really want to know where this is going or did you just ask to make fun of me?

THOMAS: you are making fun of me. you tell me you want me and then you tell me you could be going out with another man at any time

SUE: I never said that.

THOMAS: course you did

THOMAS: did you cheat on me

THOMAS: I want to know

THOMAS: tell me

SUE: I´d never. You should know that.

THOMAS: thats what a cheater would say

SUE: It´s “that´s”.

THOMAS: what the fuck?

THOMAS: this is serious

THOMAS: and your talking to me about grammar

SUE: It´s “you´re”.

THOMAS is offline.


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