The Forest

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20 thoughts on “The Forest

    1. Thank you! It´s a little forest in Germany. I came across it on my morning walk. I wanted to take morning dew pictures, but ended up staring at this one for about ten minutes, so I decided to publish it first 🙂

      1. I’m moving to York University soon so I’m happy about that! I haven’t seen fields and woods in such a long time, it’ll make for more interesting walks 🙂

      2. University of York, England. I didn’t realise there was a Canadian one by a similar name.
        I hope so too.

      3. Oh, it´ll be great. Just think of all the amazing churches, the history you can discover, the overwhelmingly beautiful architecture… and if I´m not mistaken, there are a lot of parks in York 🙂
        You´ll be fine!

      4. Well, London could do without me for a while, I’ve lived here almost ten years. That’s longer than I’ve lived anywhere else! I’m used to living somewhere for a few years then moving on but I suppose london is the closest I’ve come to a permanent home. But now it’s time to pick up and move again.

      5. I read your bio (your exchange with Jessica on your about-page). You´ve been to a lot of places.
        So I guess you´re part excited, part scared, aren´t you? Leaving “home” to study at a university far away is never easy. I´ve been there. But it´s a rewarding experience. One you won´t be able to ever forget.

      6. That feeling never goes away, no matter how many times I move. I feel like I haven’t prepared enough but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I always over-stress anyway. I just have to learn how to work household appliances, how hard can that be? *She says nervously*

      7. Well, let me just say, you can´t be prepared for what´s going to come, Dee. That´s impossible. It´s the most live-changing experience ever. Going out there, learning to live your life alone and without someone´s aid. You´ll grow up. You will change. And in the end, you´ll look back and you´ll think “this was worth it”.
        At least that´s what I thought.

      8. I’m nervous but I’m looking forward to it. Here’s to hoping I’ll survive!
        Thanks for this Frances, it made me feel a whole lot better about moving 😊

      9. You´re more than welcome. Just don´t worry, Dee. You´ll be fine. And of course you´ll survive! You´ll have a great time. Move, settle in, find a routine, find new friends and then enjoy your new, exciting life!

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