Is blogging outdated?

I am an incredibly organized person (when I want to be) and I have a good work schedule (when I bother making one), so today was one of those days where I – miraculously – had nothing to do. I mean, I went to work and organized stuff at home and I vacuumed the bedroom (I´ll save the living room for tomorrow). But other than that – nothing.

So I browsed through my blog – how pathetic (!), but I admitted it right away, so I might be headed in the right direction – and clicked from my about page onto the blogs of those who had left comments there. Strangely enough, most blogs seemed to have been abandoned in 2014.

Now, after the first two blogs, I didn´t think much of this coincidence. After all, two blogs – that´s nothing. But then I clicked on blogs that I had liked posts on before and even on those blogs that I followed (but turned off the notifying email function, because checking out all those amazing blogs made me totally forget about work), and I realized that most of them had indeed been forsaken in 2014.

What happened in 2014?

Did I miss something? I mean, yes, I totally forgot about so many things in 2014, because I was swamped at work and I was trying really hard to get through student teacher training in one piece. But did I miss the latest development in the blogging universe? Is blogging outdated? Did I miss the blog´s death? Is blogging the new typewriter? Is blogging the new fax machine, still used my some, but laughed at by others?

When we studied youth language in school I thought that my teacher was so lame, because he didn´t know about all the words that we used and that he didn´t know the meaning of, but I realized that when I study youth language with my students, I have know idea what the words mean they use to communicate.

So did I miss this as well? Is blogging over? Did all those great bloggers whose posts I loved to read simply took their creative genius someplace else and I didn´t even notice? And if so, where did they go? Did creativity simply end in 2014? Where did all the great bloggers of the wordpress universe go to and why were so many blogs deleted? I mean, I can´t be sure about the exact time someone pulled the plug, but I´m sure it was in 2014!

What ever happened to blogging?


14 thoughts on “Is blogging outdated?

  1. I have to admit I’ve drifted away over the last 2-3 years .. multiple reasons. But I’ve checked back irregularly, to see if people I’d followed still posted, and a few still do, which is nice to see. Over the past 6 months or so, I’m drawn again to this platform – I spend some time on Flickr uploading photos and interacting with other photographers, but it’s mostly about the image and not so much about the words there. Thinking of re-exploring the blog again as a creative channel. Thanks for still being here doing what you do! I enjoy reading your blog.

      1. Try .. you seem quite an accomplished photographer, so open to any comments or suggestions! 🙂

  2. I can’t say I have the answers to your questions, but I think most people fall off because they don’t see the successes they expect. Or maybe it just becomes receptive to others. There’s just so many blogs in the world that it makes it hard to get to all of them!

    1. You might be right. It’s sad, isn’t it, that so many people cannot find happiness in small successes. As for me, I like reading all kinds of blogs and I like posts that make me smile or think about life or those that make me sad. It’s a shame people stop being extraordinary because they don’t get enough likes or because no one comments their posts.

      1. It is sad. I think once people to learn to do things from the heart without worrying about views and likes maybe things will change, but who knows if we’ll ever get there as a society. I think as long as we continue to do what we love, soon we can achieve something we desire.

      2. I agree. I’m just afraid that society doesn’t see it that way. I do hope it’s a “not yet” situation.
        Being a well-liked person really comes down to how many followers you have online. Or to what you achieve in life. And when you finally reach your goal there is always that one person that instead of congratulating you asks what your next step will be.
        I realize this sounds incredibly pessimistic, but I guess this is what life has taught me.

  3. To answer the question being asked, no, blogging will never truly die. What does happen though is people lose interest for many reasons. I would love to see the average span of a blogger from WordPress but if I had to guess it would be about 1.8 years. Two years is when our infatuation brain chemistry fades and then our hobbies can start feeling like chores.

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