Getting enough sleep

Three weeks ago new neighbors moved in upstairs. Three weeks ago I stopped having a regular night´s sleep. Three weeks ago was the last time I had the chance to fall asleep before two am.

My new neighbors are fans of listening to loud music, they fight a lot, and apparently they like to renovate the bathroom at 10 pm. Both of them, an elderly man and a younger one, have a heavy step and don´t care much about nighttime peace. They fight every day until midnight, bang doors and windows, clomp and stamp as they please and no matter what they do, it´s at a volume that is difficult to just blank out.

I haven´t slept more than four hours a night ever since they moved in. I have tried to talk to them, but they won´t open the door when I knock or ring the doorbell. Even when I hear them behind the door, they won´t open it to talk to me. I put a note in their mailbox with the legal regulation for nighttime peace, stating that you basically should annoy your neighbors after 10pm, and for two days there was blissfull silence.

Then they started again.

Not being able to sleep feels like torture. I have developed night terrors. I don´t want to go to sleep, because even without the noise from upstairs it takes me about two hours to actually fall asleep, but with all that noise I have a hard time even calming down enough to consider falling asleep and when I finally do, they wake me up when the fight or bang doors or stomp around. I just redid my bedroom and it was an oasis of peace and quiet until they moved in upstairs and ruined that for me.

It´s getting more and more difficult for me to focus on my work when I´m at home, because they noise doesn´t just occur at night but all day long. I don´t want to go home after work, because I know I won´t find any peace and quiet there. My own home seems hostile now and no matter what I do, no matter where I am in my apartment, I find myself anticipating the next noise attack. Every other noise- the next house neighbors mowing their lawn, two people talking under my living room window, a dog barking in the distance, a car with a loud engine racing by – just seems so much louder now and I feel disturbed by all that noise around me. I feel threatend. I feel constricted. I feel miserable.

I have constant headaches, I feel dizzy from time to time and I can´t get any work done. I walk around at night, not finding any sleep. Last Friday, I went to a nearby park and almost fell asleep on a bench. My sister told me to call the police and I wanted to, I have, but in my book you only call the police when there´s an emergency and I´m not sure if that qualifies.

I wrote a letter to my landlord including a noise protocol documenting the constant noise from upstairs, but so far, nothing has been done about it. I feel like I´m left alone with everything and I have already considered moving, but just the thought makes me cry. I don´t want to move. I just made a home here and I don´t want to have to leave it behind and start new. Again.

Getting enough sleep is very high on my list of priorities. I would sleep in my car, on a bench somewhere, even in school, right there at my desk. But I just can´t find any sleep in my own home, in my own bed. And even though I think there is something wrong about the fact that I would rather sleep in my car than in my bed, all I can think about is sleeping without being disturbed for once, without being woken up by a loud noise from upstairs or by having to listen to people fighting with each other. All I want is to sleep.


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