Being positive

So I´ve tried to be more positive lately.

I have a shitload of work and things are just piling up on my desk (you should see the chaos, it´s so unlike me) and I feel like I just can´t keep up.

My possibly-maybe-boyfriend (we call him The Incredible Law Boy) wants to spend every weekend with me (we both work too much during the week) and he simply can´t accept that I don´t have that kind of job where I just leave my work at the office and not think about it from Friday afternoon till Monday morning (that´s one of the reasons he´s a maybe-boyfriend).

There has been a conference every week since school started and since there are only eight weeks from the summer break to the fall holidays, I already see exam time coming up and there will be more work on my desk soon and I want to get a headstart on things, but I can´t.

So I put on some good music and I danced around my living room for half an hour, I did some Yoga and had a cup of tea on my balcony and I´m just trying to be more positive about everything.

And the work somehow gets down, mainly because I have managed to prioritize and to be more efficient about other things (there are apps for everything out there, did you know?), and I see Law Boy and I have some down time as well. Being positive helps. But here is what no one tells you: being positive all the time is strenuous. It drains you. So I´m just trying to be positive when being negative doesn´t help.


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