Being positive

So I´ve tried to be more positive lately. I have a shitload of work and things are just piling up on my desk (you should see the chaos, it´s so unlike me) and I feel like I just can´t keep up. My possibly-maybe-boyfriend (we call him The Incredible Law Boy) wants to spend every weekend … More Being positive

I just feel it

Things have changed over the past couple of months. First of, I had the chance to recharge over the summer break. My neighbor made it unnecessarily hard for me in the beginning, but after calling the police on him twice, he finally seemed to have learned his lesson. I felt the adrenaline rush from calling … More I just feel it

Two steps behind

I invested seven years into my education and I have always felt that this investment forced me to accept the fact that I had to cut back on other parts of my life.

The older I get

The older I get (and I know this sounds slightly weird), the more I realize that I don´t want to change as often as I did when I was younger (again: weird). Maybe I´m getting stiff and rusty in my ways like an old grandma, but I think I have earned that right. The first … More The older I get