The Special Gift

Her grandmother´s house always smelled of delicious, home-made food that her grandmother prepared in the large kitchen in the basement. The dining room was in the basement as well, large enough to seat the entire family, which counted 43 when all of them gathered. These family gatherings were rather rare nowadays, the cousins, aunts, uncles … More The Special Gift


It was her dad who finally came into her room to see if she was all right. She had fallen asleep right in the corner of her room where she always curled up when she was afraid. From the corner, she had told her dad, the room and door were in sight and no one … More Dad

The old man

He had changed a lot over the years, the once brown hair now a dark grey, the beard thinned out, the eyes hollow where once there was a sparkle. He couldn´t speak anymore, he hadn´t left the bed in two years and others had to take care of him. The room smelled of disinfectant and … More The old man

The what if scenario

For as long as she could remember, she had always been a hopeless romantic. She would fall in love with every man that walked past her. And while he would simply continue his life without even having noticed her, she would have envisioned their future together, from their encounter to their first kiss, to how … More The what if scenario


Time doesn´t pass by as it does on Earth. It´s more like a constant unawareness of the passing of time. You know it passes, you can feel it pass, but you can never be sure of how much time has actually passed. From one moment to another could be just a second, a minute or … More Existence


Teddy Frickle thought that all humans basically lived the same life, because Teddy Frickle seemed unable to see the little things that made every life special. To him, his sister was bound to live the same life he lived – the same life his parents had had and their parents before them. Fickle Frickle, as … More Life